Graduate Researchers

Wenqi Duan


Bingtao Gao

Tori Eng

Graduate Alumni

Amir Asgharzadeh Shishavan 

(Ph.D., 2019)

Photovoltaic Systems Engineer at NEXTracker

Alexandar C. Walhof

(M.S. with Thesis, 2019)

Engineer at Firefly Photonics

Abby N. Venable

(M.S. with Thesis, 2018)

DoD SMART Scholarship, 2017-2018

 Electrical Engineer at Missile Defense Agency (Navy)

Lauren M. Davidson

(M.S. with Thesis, 2017)

Systems Engineer at John Deere

Xin Jin

(M.S. in EE and MechE)

Research Engineer at Armonica Technologies 


Undergraduate Researchers

Eric Larson

Summer 2019 ICRU Fellow


Clarissa Dietz

Summer 2018 ICRU Fellow

Olivia Haider 

2018 NSF REU Student

Oliver Rost

JPEC Summer Intern Program

Suram Liyanage

Summer 2018 ICRU Fellow

Joshua Deutsch

Winner of the Best Undergraduate Poster Award, 2018 College of Engineering Research Open House

Logan M. Nichols

2016 NSF I-Corps Entrepreneurial Lead

Summer 2017 ICRU Fellow

Joshua J. Larson

Summer 2016 ICRU Fellow

2017 SULI Fellow

Matthew J. Thommana

Summer 2016 ICRU Fellow

Daniel Kelly

2018 NSF REU Fellow at WUSTL

Constance Erickson

Aaron Silva

2018 DAAD Fellow

2018 Outstanding Student Researcher Award

Seth Lopez

 Jason W. Ryan

Leland J. Nordin

2015 Noyce/Intel Fund Award (Grinnell College)
2015 Mentored Advanced Project (MAP) Award (Grinnell College)

Tom Lubenow
Ella L. Wassweiler

Daniel Machlab

Masanori Miwa

Suman Sherwani

David Wu

2017 Center for Asian and Pacific Studies Grant - Hong Kong

David Rains

We welcome exceptional (>3.50 GPA) undergraduate, Master's, Ph.D., and postdoctoral researchers to join our team for conducting high impact research. Please contact me with your CV or resume via email. I strongly encourage prospective researchers to apply for the various national and international funding opportunities available to them. Example funding opportunities are listed here for graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and undergraduate researchers. Please note that you will be expected to work hard in a collaborative environment towards the completion of your research project goals.