The Toor Lab is situated in Iowa Advanced Technologies Laboratory (IATL) 192.

Professor Toor’s lab is equipped with three large area optical tables, a large collection of optical mounts, rotational, and translation stages, LabView operating computers for automated measurements, three spectrometers that cover the wavelengths of 300 nm - 1000 nm (Ocean Optics UV-Vis-IR), 950 nm to 1650 nm (Ocean Optics Flame IR), and 2000 nm to 22,000 nm (Nicolet Magna 560 FTIR), a Keithley C-V analyzer, a Signatone four point probe sheet resistivity measurement system, a PV Measurements solar simulator, a Newport quantum efficiency measurement system equipped with silicon and germanium photodetectors, two Thorlabs pyroelectric detectors with the ability to detect anywhere from 190 nm to 20,000 nm, a Thorlabs NIR 4.1 megapixel camera, two Omex microscopes attached to a camera, several source meter units and oscilloscopes, liquid nitrogen cryostat, vacuum pumps, computer programmable multi-syringe pumps for microfluidics, a 4-probe electrical testing system with a vacuum chuck, and a 3D printer.

We also have access to the following shared facilities on-campus:

Materials Analysis, Testing, and Fabrication (MATFab) facility

Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) lab

Central Microscopy Research Facility (CMRF)