The Toor Lab is situated in Iowa Advanced Technologies Laboratory (IATL) rooms 192 and 277.

IATL 192 is a 768-square-foot room equipped with the following: four large optical tables for conducting optical experiments; a large collection of optical mounts and rotational and translation stages; LabView operating computers for taking automated measurements; three spectrometers that cover the wavelengths of 300 nm to 1000 nm (Ocean Optics UV-Vis-IR), 950 nm to 1650 nm (Ocean Optics Flame IR), and 2000 nm to 22,000 nm (Nicolet Magna 560 FTIR); a Keithley C-V analyzer; a Signatone four-point probe sheet resistivity measurement system; a PV Measurements solar simulator; a Newport quantum efficiency measurement system equipped with silicon and germanium photodetectors; a Thorlabs NIR 4.1 megapixel camera; an Omex microscope attached to a camera; several source meter units and oscilloscopes; a liquid nitrogen cryostat; vacuum pumps; a four-probe electrical testing system with a vacuum chuck and a water cooling unit; and a Flashforge 3D printer. IATL 277 is a 130-square-foot wet lab room equipped with a chemical hood, DI water tap and sink, and chemical storage cabinets and work surfaces. The group also owns annual licenses for COMSOL FEM electromagnetic modeling software and GraphPad Prism plotting software and has institutional license access for MATLAB. The lab is equipped with five desktop computers to operate and collect data from the equipment in the lab. Dr. Toor has a small desk and chairs in her office (116 IATL) for meetings with up to four people, and there are larger conference rooms in IATL for group meetings and seminars.

We also have access to the following shared facilities on-campus:

Materials Analysis, Testing, and Fabrication (MATFab) facility

Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) lab

Central Microscopy Research Facility (CMRF)