Nate Dvorak

Undergraduate Researcher, Summer - Fall 2018

Current Position: Graduate student at University of Michigan starting Fall 2019 (2019 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Winner)

Lab Position: Undergraduate Researcher (Summer 2018 - Fall 2018) 

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​Nate is an undergraduate student in the Physics and Mathematics departments at the Coe College. His research activities involve developing a portable testing system for our nanowire biosensors based on a touch screen and Raspberry Pi.

Past experience: Nate was a NSF REU intern at SRI International during the summer of 2017 where he operated an electrospray mass spectrometer for peptide identification. 

Honors and awards: National Science Foundation REU in Physics with SRI International (2017), Tom Harkin Nomination to the United States Air Force Academy (2014), Bruce Braley Nomination to the United States Air Force Academy (2014)

Undergraduate Education: Coe College, Cedar Rapids, IA (Majors: Physics and Mathematics)

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