Lauren M. Davidson

MS with Thesis, 2017

Current Position: Power Electronics Control Software Engineer at John Deere Electronics Solutions, Fargo, ND starting summer 2017

M.S. Dissertation Title: Strategies for high efficiency silicon solar cells

Lab Position: M.S. Candidate (Fall 2016 - Spring 2017); Undergraduate Researcher (Summer 2015)
Lauren started conducting research in our lab during her undergraduate studies and has continued on to pursue a Masters with thesis degree in our group. She developed a Matlab-based analytical model for designing tandem junction solar cells as an undergraduate. Her Masters thesis research involves designing coatings for solar cells that enhance light absorption as well as passivate the surface. She also played a key role in developing the solar cell fabrication process steps in our group.

Honors and awards: 2013-2015 Deans List; 2012-2013 ECE Undergraduate Scholarship; 2016 Kertz Senior Merit Award; 2016 Best Undergraduate Poster Award at the UIowa College of Engineering Research Open House; 2017 Best Graduate Poster Award at the UIowa College of Engineering Research Open House

Undergraduate Education: University of Iowa (Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering,  Minor: Mathematics)

Photo of Lauren Davidson